This is a plan to increase your security and prepare in advance for the violence that may occur in the future. Has No control over the violence of their partner, but has the choice of how to respond, and the best way to save yourself and your loved queritwo.

How can I be safe when I leave my abuser?
How can I be safe when I leave my abuser?

The output must be done with a careful plan in order to increase the security. Abusers often counter-attack, when they believe that their partner is leaving the relationship.

Decide to do some or all of the following actions:

  • So you can go fast, I can leave money, an extra set of keys, extra clothing, and important documents.
  • I keep a bag packed and ready to go in case you have to leave quickly.
  • Can I open a savings account or apply for a credit card to increase my independence.
  • I can check and see who would be able to let me stay with them or lend me some money.
  • The number of the hotline national domestic violence is (800) 799-SAFE (7233). By calling this toll-free hotline, can I get the number of a shelter near me.
  • I keep my e-mail activity and Internet to be discovered.
  • Other things I can do to increase my independence. This is a checklist of what you may want to bring with me if it is safe to do so:
    • Identification
    • Residence permit (green card)
    • Address book
    • Money
    • Credit cards
    • Drug/Medicine
    • Social Security card
    • Keys (homicide, expensive, work)
    • Identification of the well-being
    • Drivers license/vehicle Registration
    • Marriage certificates, birth certificates of children
    • Checkbook, atm card and other bank books
    • Work permit
    • School records and vaccination
    • Lease/ house deed / title
    • Divorce documents
    • A copy of the order of protection
    • Passport
    • Pet(s) (if you can)
    • Jewelry
    • Clothing
    • Photo album
    • A special blanket for children, doll or stuffed animal.

If you are fleeing an abusive spouse, ignore any threat related to being accused of neglect of conjugal.

(*)Illinois does not have a law against the abandonment itself.

How can I be safe in my house?
How can I be safe in my house?

There are many things that victims of abuse can do to increase security in their homes. It may be impossible to do everything at once, but safety measures can be added step-by-step:

  • I tell people that my partner no longer resides with me and that I should call the police if you see my partner in my residence.
  • In my house, I can remove all sharp objects and weapons of the view.
  • I can replace wooden doors for steel doors/metal.
  • I can install security systems including additional locks, bars on windows, poles to wedge against doors, an electronic system, etc
  • Can I purchase rope ladders to be used for escape from second floor.
  • I can install smoke detectors and purchase fire extinguishers for my house.
  • I put a phone in a room that locks from the inside (like a bedroom).
  • Can I install a system of exterior lighting that lights up when a person is closer to my house.
  • Can I install a system of exterior lighting that lights up when a person is closer to my house.
  • I tell my children not to leave the abuser in my house if he or she is not destined to be there.
  • I have a signal with my neighbors to call the police if they hear a banging on the floor or the wall, or see a light in front porch flashing.
  • In the event that my partner takes my children, I teach them to use the phone to make a call from collection.
  • I can tell people who take care of my children which people have my permission to pick up my children, and my partner do not have permission. The people that I will tell you this is:
    • The school.
    • The child care service.
    • The babysitter/a
    • The Teacher
    • Other
How can I be safe at work and in public?
How can I be safe at work and in public?

Every victim of domestic abuse must decide if and when to tell others about the violence. Friends, family, and coworkers can help you to protect yourself, and you have to carefully consider who to ask for help.

Decide to do one or all of the following actions:

  • I can tell my boss, the security supervisor in the work of my situation.
  • Can I ask for help to a person who will help me to examine my phone calls at work.
  • When you leave work, I can walk with a partner to my car or to the bus stop. Can I park my car where I feel more safe entering and exiting the car.
  • Can I swap cars with my friends or relatives so that the abuser can't find me, when I travel to home, if problems occur I can .
  • I use supermarkets, shopping centers, and different banks. I can do business at hours that are different from those that I used when I lived with my abusive partner.
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