Important Data

"37% of women between 15 and 49 years who live in countries classified by the Sustainable Development Goals as "least developed" have been subject to physical violence and/or sexual intimate partner in their lifetime. 22% of the women who live in the "least developed countries" have been the subject of partner violence intimate in the past 12 months, a percentage that is substantially higher than the global average of 13%." (sic)

"At a global level, around 81,000 women and girls were killed in 2020, some 47,000 of them, (that is to say, the 58%), at the hands of their partners or family members."(sic)

"Women who have a low level of education have been exposed to acts of intimate partner violence against their mothers, have been subjected to ill-treatment during childhood, have lived in environments that are accepting violence, male privilege, and the condition of subordination of women are at a greater risk of being victims of intimate partner violence"(sic)

For this reason, and because our director was part of the statistics, our organization feels committed to educate and make reflection on these topics.

Am I the victim of abuse?

In a close relationship, you can be difficult to realize if you are being a victim of abuseespecially if your partner tells you he loves you, pay attention to you and pay the rent or food.

People who are abusive often act loving and helpful to keep you in the relationship.

The behavior loving your partner does not mean that it is good for his abusive behavior.

The forced sex or the words cruel and threatening they are forms of abuse. There are many types of violence and abuse.

Pay attention to the following signs of abuse physical or domestic violence:

Signs of abuse include:
  • Take control of everything you do.
    • Controlling all the time or asking you where or who you are every second of the day.
    • Exigiéndote the passwords of your social networks and email accounts
    • Obligándote to respond to text messages, emails or calls right away, and in their presence.
    • Preventing or desanimándote to meet with family or friends.
    • Preventing or desanimándote to work or study.
  • Is jealous, driver, or bad temper
    • It acts very jealous, even acusándote constantly deceive you.
    • It is "very" temperamental, so it's never sábes if thou shalt or thou shalt can cause a problem.
    • Controls how you spend your money
    • Control your use of drugs or contraceptives.
    • Take the daily decisions for you, so that normally, you'd have to do yourself (like what to wear or eat)
  • Demean
    • Menospreciarte, for example by insulting your appearance, intelligence, or activities.
    • Humbling in front of the other.
    • Destroying your property or things that matter to you.
    • Culpándote of his outbursts of violence.
  • Hurt you physically or threaten to hurt you or your loved ones
    • Amenazandocon hurt you, your children, or other people or pets in your family.
    • Hiriéndote physically ( golpeándote, empujándote, giving punches, abofeteándote, pateándote or mordiéndote).
    • Using (or threatening to use a weapon against you.
    • Threatening to harm themselves when they are angry with you.
    • Intimidating to take you to the police for illegal activities if you do the complaint of physical abuse.
  • Force you to have sex or other intimate activity
    • Forcing you to have sex when you don't want by using physical force or threats.
    • Assuming that you have had a sexual act in the past means that you will engage in the same acts in the future.
    • Assuming that your consent to an activity means that the consent for future activities, or higher levels of intimacy (for example, assume that a kiss should lead to the sex always).
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